Easily drag your train along the track with your finger. Couple and uncouple carriages as you shunt them to their correct stations. Tap switches to change their direction and complete the puzzle. Simple… right?

Train Teaser - the mobile game on ios and android. Shunting puzzle, switching puzzles and family friendly train game


  • 48 puzzles, gradually increasing in difficulty
  • 6 beautifully created regions based on real-world places
  • Character engines in each region
  • Bright colours and rewarding sound effects appeal to children as young as 4
  • Easy-to-use interface specially designed to help children develop fine motor skills
  • Share your success with friends on Facebook (optional)
  • Child-friendly and safe
  • No advertising

6 Fun regions to play

  • Training
  • Wild West
  • Swiss Alps
  • Canadian Rockies
  • London Underground
  • Japan
  • More on the way!
Explore almost 50 puzzle levels in the Train Teaser world!

A thrilling game for all the family…

Success is measured in two ways, making Train Teaser oh so playable for children and adults. Take as many shunts as you need to complete the puzzle with a tick, or earn yourself a trophy by completing it in the fewest number of shunts possible.

From their roots, shunting puzzles (as they're known in the UK), or switching puzzles (as they're known in the US), have challenged young and grown minds alike. Originally created by model railway enthusiasts who wanted to fit evermore creative circuits into limited spaces, teachers now find them useful for teaching children about logic, strategic thinking and problem solving.

Train Teaser is completely FREE to play, and some items can be purchased for real money. Designed with families in mind: - No network required. Play safely offline. - No ads - No login/registration required

Do you have any suggestions or problems? This is our first release of Train Teaser, so please be kind and help us to improve it by offering constructive feedback! We would love to hear from you! :)

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